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 photos courtesy of The Daily Advertiser
Brief Descriptions of Residency Activities:
1. PIANO4: SidexSide - 4 students in each of two age groups are selected in audition to rehearse and perform 'in concert' ... 4 pianos, 8 pianists ... two pianists at each piano, 4 students, side by side with Piano4.  A once in a lifetime experience for young pianists at all levels to rehearse with a professional ensemble and perform with them in their concert.  Orchestra students often get this opportunity, but this is the only chance that student pianists will probably have.  After all, Piano4 is the only four-piano ensemble currently touring. 

2. PIANO4: Send in the Strings - Local high school or college string ensemble accompanies Piano4 in a concerto .


3. PianoTalk - An informal 'play & talk' format that includes a brief intro to the First Piano Quartet and Piano4 with Q&A.  Please feel free to propose ideas of sessions which you think would be useful to your community, students and teachers.

4. Master Class
- Open to the public master classes conducted by the members of Piano4, for students at different levels.  A subject of concentration could be chosen (a composer or pianistic problem, for instance), or it could be a more general session.

photo courtesy of The Daily Advertiser

5. Learning at Load-in - A hands-on session for theatre students to assist at load-in of four grand pianos, hanging lights, sound check, etc.  Do you know how to assemble a piano brought in on its side?  Students will learn how to do this, plus participate in a sound check and crew the setting of lights.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Advertiser