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Works w/ Orchestra

Bach, J.S. Concerto for Four Keyboards & Orchestra
Concerto for Three Keyboards & Orchestra
Concerto for Two Keyboards & Orchestra
Concerti for One Keyboard & Orchestra
Busby, Gerald Concerto for 4 Pianos and Orchestra (premiere season)
Casadesus, Robert Concerto for Three Pianos (strings only)
Gershwin, George Rhapsody in Blue for 4 Pianos & Orchestra
Gottschalk, L.M. L'Union; Tarantella; Night in the Tropics
Gould, Morton Inventions for Four Pianos & Orchestra
Mozart, W.A. 
Concerto for Three Pianos, K. 242a
Milhaud, Darius Concerto for Two Pianos, or any other 2-Piano Concerto
Saint-Saens, C.
The Carnival of the Animals, 4 pianos & Orchestra 

Feel free to suggest repertoire & please ask about the Piano4 commissioning project.