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"On Saturday, November 21, 2004, Piano4 performed an afternoon and an evening concert in the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA.  This enormously talented group, blending four grand pianos and 40 fingers, enthralled two sold out audiences...

Each of the four pianists is a virtuoso and the combination of their efforts was beyond belief.  Their playing of the ingenious arrangements featured rippling arpeggios, thunderous octaves and scintillating fingerwork.  Piano4 performed enthusiastically and their enthusiasm extended to the audience who gave them a standing ovation at each performance...thrilling!"
Sonya Levinthal, Rancho Mirage Cultural Commission (CA)
"On behalf of my daughter, my daughter's mother and myself I want to thank you for the opportunity that was afforded when she was picked to play the William Tell Overture with the fine pianists that evening.  While all of the performers were excellent, she had the opportunity to play with Randall and they hit it off at rehearsal.  He was a delight to play with and a bright spot for her.  I am convinced that his encouragement is part of the reason that she has decided to continue her piano studies with renewed vigor and energy.  Thanks again for a wonderful evening and for a life-changing event for our daughter."
Tom Dean, Keokuk Concert Association (IA)
 “My goodness, it was so very nice having you here in Burley!  I received many many nice compliments from folks on your program.  They loved your selections, as well as being impressed by the incredible talent possessed among the four of you.  It was just a very lovely evening you gave us…thanks so much for coming and for pleasing our people.  Best of luck to you all on the rest of your tour.”
Susan Tuft, Mini-Cassia Community Concerts Association, Inc. (ID)
"Piano4 gave us such a wonderful afternoon of music and memories.  I had anticipated that they might play the Paganini Variations and was delighted to hear it again after so long, by 4 such wonderful pianists."
Carolyn Velez, former student of Vladimir Padwa, a member of FPQ (CA)
 “Blockbuster performance…they grabbed the audience with their virtuosities and personalities and never let go.  They really connected with the audience…long and vigorous applause after every selection.  A great start to our 05-06 season.”
Ginny Andrus, Lakeland Performing Arts Association (WI)
"Everyone who heard the concert was richly rewarded and blessed.  The program was so very interesting.  Your presentation of the pieces enriched the listening experience, and the performances were outstanding.  I have heard so many enthusiastic compliments from so many people.  Thank you very much indeed."
A.E., pianist and teacher (VA)
"After hearing the Piano4 performance in Pittsburgh I am inspired to write a fan letter ... I was amazed by your fantastically musical interpretations and creativity.  The audience was enthusiastic and moved."
Lilly Blatt, member of Quintango & sister-in-law of Edward Edson, a member of FPQ (PA)
"I was so happy to receive the Piano4 CD.  Tears were running down my face because of the emotion on hearing these four pianists.  I hear they're planning a Christmas album.  Please let me know when it is ready!"
A.R., fan of Piano4 and FPQ (WA)