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Piano4 Returns for Concert Saturday
"They're guilty of 'rippling arpeggios, thunderous octaves and scintillating fingerwork'  said one reviewer.  Another reviewer in Wisconsin said their show left the audience 'with heart palpitations.'  After last year's performance, hearts of Piano4 fans in Lafayette are yearning for more.  'We had a great turnout last,' said Mary Jo Booth of Chorale Acadienne.  'That's why we brought them back.  It's going to be great entertainment.'"
Herman Fuselier, The Daily Advertiser (LA)
Piano4 Performs in Upper Darby Performing Arts Center
"With four Steinway grand pianos clustered on stage, Piano4 not only gave superbly pianistic performances of music ranging from the classics to the Broadway stage, but produced a breadth of sound across the stage that was virtually orchestral and of a kind not to be expected from the focused voice of a single instrument.  The program ranged from the intensely serious to the light-hearted whimsical, with a few comic turns by the performers to vary a tightly paced production."
Esko Townell, music critic, FASDV (PA)
 Fantastic Foursome Super-sizes Piano Sound
"What was most impressive about Saturday's performance, however, was the intuition and ensemble playing of the group members.  Every piece offered a new challenge, ranging from intricate tempos to fluctuating dynamics."
Ashley Hassebroek, Omaha World Herald (NE)
 Piano4 a Grand Way to End LCPA Season
"Each had excellent technique on the instrument, that's a given.  Each was unique, which allowed them to have their own sound...they made it seem easy to play difficult music, and easy to play together, even when blending the four to bring together the sounds of some of the greatest music..."
Chris Harris, Commonwealth Journal (KY)
Piano4 Tickles 352 Keys, Audience at Outer Banks Forum
"The seven-plus octaves of each piano combined into an uber orchestra of colors and shadings, creating a rich tapestry of sound...Piano4 gave transparent readings of tricky material like Leonard Bernstein's 'Overture to Candide' and Gershwin's 'American in Paris,' and achieved a lovely, orchestral performance of Johann Strauss' 'Blue Danube Waltz.'  An der schonen blauen Donau translates as By the Beautiful Blue Danube, a title that proved perfectly apt. "
Peter Hummers, Outer Banks Onstage (NC)
Piano4 First 2005-2006 Season Concert Delightful and Enchanting
"After a standing ovation for the Piano4, the audience was delighted and rewarded with hearing four of the finest pianists in the world please everyone with the 'Flight of the Bumblebee' played on four grand pianos, leaving everyone with some heart palpitations."
Beverly Connor, The Fox Lake Representative (WI)